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We're Back!

After a very eventful year living in Germany, I am happy to announce that I'm back in Boise, ID for the foreseeable future. Many of you know that I continued to run 208 Performance Tuning remotely from Germany with an 8 hour time difference and over 5200 miles away.

There were some challenges throughout the year, but it went really well overall-scheduling technician availability and remote tuning probably lost me hundreds of hours of sleep!

I hope I was able to keep most people happy with our service while I was away and look forward to continuing to work on your projects from here on out.

We've already been out to a few meets as well as sponsoring the Track Shark Season Opener at Meridian Speedway last Sunday. Expect to see us at many more events this season. I was also able to bring back an awesome new shop car from Germany- A 2018 Audi RS3!

We're still doing all major Euro brands

of parts and performance parts installs in addition to tuning. Come chat about your car soon or send us a message on IG or text!


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